Dokumentation __

we all know him since years. He is part of our live. Everyday we talk about his messages and disperse them to our fellow men. Whether in the bus, the open air bath or at the barbecue, we always report from his statements. He conveys us values, opens new perceptions on unknown things. He governs over our thinking and acting. We even confide our children to him, and just a few of us call his credibility into question. HE is our Prophet. But what happens, if we decide to abnegate him? Our relatives and friends occure gaze at us in strange ways. They blame us unworldliness and ignorance, if we don't know about his latest prophecies. It seems like a chivvy to escape from him, because he is international and preaches in all languages of the world, 24 hours a day.HE is the prophet of all human beings and he will never ever perish.

"social victims" picks up the aspect of the "television-victims", isolated from the real social surrounding, and tries to create in the same medium, the audio-visual spreading, a new consciousness and enlightment, but in a all human known way.
We all are "social victims" of the greatest prophet ever, but it is not about taking the people one of their closest partner, more about to awake a new thinking.

Used media:
performance, installation, audio, video, film, motion/animation
prototype was realized in september 2008 in Salzburg, Austria